Frem FR1

ENG. David Frem needed to test his skills globally therefore he participated in a worldwide competition, the Michelin challenge design 2009. David Frem and for the first time in the Middle East history, Lebanon won this competition and David returned home in one hand a trophy and in the other hand an Outstanding Design Award. His second model the Frem FR 1 amazed the jury; it was an astonishing design that occupied headlines in New York times news paper.

The world recognized this small country and Lebanon entered proudly the wide world of Automotive design. Although his dream seemed difficult to reach, David never thought that it was impossible to achieve. Frem F1 was his beginning, Frem FR 1was his worldwide success and his latest achievement, introducing the Frem Beirut edition.... New car, New Concept ... on Beirut Road. Frem Beirut edition, the successor of both Frem F1 and Frem FR 1 , has not been designed for average person. It has been designed for those who want something that roars, along with an insane price tag, a car with fierce hard line, yet still can be called magnificent beautiful and that reaches top speed that make you insides pump with adrenaline at the sheer power that those beasts have.

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